Episode 1 – Eco homes

Are you thinking about having an eco home built or adapting your existing home?  What are the advantages? Roger Maier from Cead Architects based in Newcastle upon Tyne has all the answers.
Are eco homes more expensive? How good are they for your health and wellbeing? How long have they been been around? Can you modify your existing home or is it better to start from scratch? How important are solar panels? Do local authority planners look more favourably at eco homes? Can anyone have one? What kind of sites/land are best? What impact do they have on the environment? How would someone approach having one built? What is a passive house? Who are the forerunners in this field? Which countries are more progressive than others? Are there many in the North East of England? Roger is interviewed by Fiona Birkbeck from Multiminded.
Roger Maier
CEAD Architects
Producers:  Multiminded
Date: 20/11/15